Malcolm X Soundtrack

From prologue of “Revolution” by Arrested Development

映画「Malcolm X 邦題:マルコムX(1992)」のサウンドトラック「Malcolm X: Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack」の1曲目、Arrested Developmentの “Revolution (レボリューション)” の冒頭のスピーチより –

“Before you put on this record, understand – this is for all of my ancestors who were raped, who were killed and hung because of their plight for freedom and for dignity. They died for me, and they died for you. This is for them, to know that, yes, even today, in 1992, we are still fired up, and we’re still talking about revolution.

この曲をかける前に、みんなにわかっていてもらいたい – この曲は、尊厳や自由を求める苦闘の中、レイプされ、殺され、首つりにされた我々の祖先へ捧げているんだ。彼らは我々のために死んでいった。1992年の今日(こんにち)も、我々は今なお戦い続け、変えようとし続けてるってことを、この曲で彼らに伝えたいんだ。”



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