Grandma’s Restaurant @ Hanoi, Vietnam

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Grandma’s Restaurant

The atmosphere was nice and comfy. Lovely place to spend a dinner time in Hanoi. We ordered Vermicelli and Prawn Salad, Grilled Chicken with lemongrass and sticky rice cake, Grilled Beef in bamboo – all food was delicious.



I should’ve taken more better photos, but I’m not good at taking photos while eating.

Enjoyed talking with one of the staff, Y. He is awesome – explained us every food, how to eat to make it more delicious and how to use dishes and cups in Vietnamese way. Thank you and Arigato, Y! Other staff was also kind and welcomed us.


I think it would be better to make a reservation to secure your table. We went there early like 6 pm so we could get a table without reservation, but the restaurant was getting crowded and it looked there were no tables when we leave there.