OX Bikes - PECO

ワンタッチで折りたためる自転車 folding bike, PECO by OX Bikes


It takes only 30 secs (or less than that?) from exit of subway station to our office. Mostly, I can go around from our office on foot or by taking the subway. But sometimes, I guess I want to have a bicycle.

事務所が入っているビルには駐輪場がない。だから、うちの事務所内に止めておけて、気軽にエレベーターに乗せられて、簡単に折りたたむことができる自転車が欲しいな・・・と探して見つけたのが、このOX BikesのPECO

The office building doesn’t have a parking space for bikes. So, the bike should be parked in the office and should be a compact one to bring into the elevator. Then, I finally found it… PECO by OX Bikes.

PECO by OX Bikes



BROMPTON was the other option, but we decided to bought this PECO because it was made in Japan. In addition, I love the firm structure.

as firmly made considering the structure.

What is more, you can easily fold up the bike – you just need to push the bar!
It has a 4-level (step?) gear, so we can pedal lightly in spite of the 12 inches tire.



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