Singapore in 2015: Day4 – epilogue

Long Bar Singapore PLACE | 場所

Day4 – epilogue. Singapore in February, 2015


while staying in Singapore, we strolled around here and there. what the most attractive thing i found was the diversity of the culture and people.

クリーンだし、安全、緑も多くて、交通手段も安い、英語も通じる・・・ということもあって、かなり満喫できました。今年が建国50周年なんだそうな。建設工事が多かった。まだまだ開発が進むんだろう。ベイサンズの光と水のエンターテインメント「Wonder Full」は、もうちょっと企画演出改良の余地あるな。香港のほうが圧倒的にすごい!港沿いのビルが光りまくってるもん!笑

fully enjoyed – the city is clean, safe, easy to go around (MTR and taxi were both much cheaper than that of Japan), and able to communicate in English. its 50th anniversary for Singapore this year. we saw lots of big construction sites – felt the country is still on the way to the big development. Oh, i hafta insist one thing – “Wonder Full”, lights and water entertainment show by Marina Bay Sands, needs some more ideas and attempting to entertain ppl compared to that of Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s was totally awesome – lights and beams were given off by gigantic buildings here, there and everywhere around the bay like crazy! lol


Eating out at hawkers is purse-friendly as well as fun to have variety of dishes from different shops at the same time. The restaurants… restaurants in Japan is much reasonable!! SAY AGAIN NOW – “ALL TYPES OF ALCOHOL ARE TOO EXPENSIVE”!!!! a can of the cheapest beer at a supermarket costs abt 400-500JPY? a cheap bottle of wine (abt 500JPY in Japan) costs like 2,000JPY! i say from the bottom of my heart – what a lovely country Japan is! lol

thank you for all around us…