うちのママは 認知症 – My mom has dementia

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うちのママは 認知症 。
My mom has dementia.
I remember when the symptom has gradually appeared around 7 years ago or something – around the year when she has turned 70 years old.

母は認知症 mom ha dementia



This photo was taken in mid December, 2018.
At that time, she was living together with my dad. Dad has taken care of her, using “short-stay” care services – mom stays 3 – 5 days at an elderly care facility and stays other days at home.

Less than a months later, my dad has passed suddenly due to cerebral thrombosis. After a few months or so, my mom’s symptom was getting worse rapidly and she is not able to have a “conversation” easily – her current nursing care level became 5, the most heavy level.


After my dad passed away when I was clearing out their house (they have lived in the project since I was a baby, though), I found mom’s several notebooks from a drawer. I think they are notebooks my mom used right after or before she was starting struggling with the symptom of dementia.


Come to think of it, one day when I dropped by my parents home before we noticed my mom’s symptom, I saw her standing in front of a notice board hanging on the wall at the entrance of the building of my parents residence. “Hi mom, what are you doing here?”, I said. She replied me like “I feel like I’ve been forgetting things so quickly lately.” while taking a note of the notice on the wall. I knew my mom rarely take a note – she was not that kind of person, but I just told her “Good for you. You should do that”.


I also remember she was keeping telling me the same things. She was laughing and saying “I don’t know why but I have been buying the same items like bottles of soy sauce and detergent.” She also talked about an auntie with dementia living in the same building, like “That lady is keeping standing in front of the door without thinking anything. So, I speak to her often but I don’t want to be like that.”


It’s been around 7 years since then.
It would be possible we will have dementia. We never know when it will come to us, how we deal with it when we have it. So, I would like to share my experience or tips for specific symptom of it sometimes here in this blog. I think it would help somebody struggling with the same situation.

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